Preparation to Mission


Blessing of the newly ordained priests
All who wish to become Redemptorists and preach that God's Salvation is abundant, must be properly prepared during the 8 years of formation. The fist level is that annual postulate in Bardo Slaskie, a time to familiarize with the Redemptorist charism, with the community life in the monastery, while learning to know oneself. The Postulants do not wear a religious habit yet, and they do not take their vows.


Bardo Slaskie

After that period they enter the novitiate in Lubaszowa. – it's a particularly beautiful time of acquiring in-depth recognition of vocation, of establishing a strong bond with Christ, who calls us all. This level of formation is filled with silence and concentration, and finally pledging vows of chastity, poverty and obedience for one year, and receipt of a religious habit.


House of Novitiate

After the novitiate, the candidates for priests begin their six year studies of philosophy and theology in Tuchow, while the candidates for monks continue further formation in a different way, also deepening their knowledge. The formation of candidates for monks is finalized when the finals vows are made and ordination to the diaconate and presbyterate follows for those called to Holy Orders.


History of Church

The time spent in the seminary is a time during which the spirit is formed, the heart is changed, and knowledge is acquired. Through studies, prayers and apostolic involvement, we prepare ourselves to undertake the mission of our Congregation. Our Redemptorist Seminary has existed since 1903 and we are proud of our work in preparing hundreds of Redemptorists who work worldwide in mission, retreat, and spiritual tasks. Presently, the seminary has 35 alumni in each level. Observing the complexity of modern day men's problems, we emphasize the education in the area of moral theology and prophesying of Gospel, in order to fully face the challenges faced by man.



During the lectures  Newly ordained priests  I promise Profession of First Vows During  ordination to the Priesthood


Before the exam  Monastery in Tuchow Profession of Final Vows Lecture of  Catholic Social Science