Mission on East

Our work in the East


Russia and Kazakhstan. Presently 14 Redemptorists from Poland and Ireland work there. Our work is similar in both of these countries. This is mainly, but not only, due to the vast distances, and the temperatures plummeting to -120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corpus Christi/
The Most Holy Body and
Blood of Christ

Catholic communities are diasporas not only among the eastern orthodox world, but also among people who are uninterested in religion.


Our work is concentrated around one big area within a large city and a few smaller missions in the surrounding areas, usually small chapels or even private apartment homes. We teach CCD in these places, we Evangelize and prepare our faithful for sacraments. Realizing there is much poverty, we operate on charity basis, organizing daycares and camps for children and youth.



They are the future of Church in Russia therefore we put all our effort into their spiritual well being. We run a Catholic theology college in Orenburg, and a student dormitory in Pietropavlovsk (Kazakhstan). True to our mission, we hold missions and parochial retreats. Worship of the Holy Mother is especially dear to the people of the east, so we honor and worship her, especially her vision of Perpetual Help. Our church of Divine Mercy in Petropavlovsk has become an Archdiocesan Sanctuary.



of the adult

It is a big opportunity for us, as we spread the word of the Divine Mercy all over the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is very important for us to remain open minded to the diversity of cultures in Russia and Kazakhstan, and to have good relation with those of other faiths, especially since eastern orthodox and Muslim religions dominate here, and some other Evangelical communities are present. This is why we are try to uphold good accord with those who believe in the same God, but do so "differently".


Interreligious dialogue

Belarus. Ten Redemptorists work in this post-Soviet country. They run four parishes. Our main center is a huge mission in Grodno, which leads a very big operation among the 70 thousand parish members. We are also present in Brzostowica, Porzecze and Nowa Ruda, and most recently in Minsk, where we have started to establish a new mission. The Redemptorists are trying to meet the spiritual demand of the faithful, who attend church and show huge interest in the life of the parish. It isn't easy, since we only have a limited number of priests at our disposal.


Eucharist at home

Our work here differs from the one in Russia and Kazakhstan, since our churches are full of people. Our mission there is mainly to teach CCD and perform daily services. We don't lack parochial groups, they are very active here and they liven up our parishes. Many people come to us seeking financial assistance, as they have little resources to live with dignity.


First Communion
in Togliatti

Ukraine. Our monastery is located in a health spa resort area called Truskavec. We extend our service to the local parishioners as well as guests who come here for treatment from Ukraine as well as other countries. The priests here also look after the parish in Borislav, where a new shrine was rebuilt after it had burned down, and much work is needed to equip the parish.


Youth from Pietropawlowsk

Our parishes there aren't big (each about 150 members), as this area does not inhabit many Roman-Catholics. Still, they consider the presence of our Congregation a treasure since it gives them the opportunity for connect with God.




Visitation of the sick Retreat in Ukraine Parish retreat Meeting in the parish




Trans-Siberian mission In the poor village Parish community
in Pioniersk